The TinTTY hardware setup is simple:

  • Arduino Uno
  • TFT screen (1in x 1in ILI9163C), connected via SPI
  • USB Host Shield, connected via SPI
  • cheap mini 2.4GHz wireless USB keyboard

The input device, by its nature, cannot be too miniature, otherwise it becomes too annoying to type! However, everything else should basically fit onto some sort of wearable wristband or inside a cute tin container. The separate wireless keyboard helps keep the hardware tidy and self-contained.

Stretch goals:

  • explore different keyboard connection approaches
  • Lego enclosure?
  • wearable form factor?
  • glasses mount?

All the code is open source, and I plan to keep the core reusable parser and display portions separate and reusable for different hardware/input combinations.