• eBox 3300/3310

    07/19/2019 at 21:14 4 comments

    I'm off on holiday for a week in a few hours, but when I get back I'm going to be playing with these:

    One was given to me without a power supply by a friend of mine, and it took a few hours disassembly and googling to find out what it actually was; the ebox 3310. It had been running machinery software in a factory. Perfect for a lightweight Linux and running some python applications.

    While looking for the wierd 3 pin connector it uses for power I stumbled across a 3300 on eBay, new, going for £15. I had to buy it ha ha!

    Now it is here , it turns out to be a -H model with suppprts a 2.5 inch drive. Ideal!

    I was going to look into perhaps sticking a Pi in my son's room and adding some basic automation stuff, but I'm tempted to use one of these.

  • Return of the Mac: more mac adventures

    05/10/2019 at 00:36 0 comments

    A lot has happened since I put together the Mac Pro a week or two ago.

    I filled the Mac Pro with 32gb of ram from an old server at work, so it was running beautifully. However, as it was it was too big to get any kind of wife approval certification, i had to think of something to downsize my foray into the Mac world. So, after a few days of looking I managed to swap it for a few broken iMacs (mid 2011). After combining parts from the three machines I had a working 21.5" imac with 8gb of RAM and a 1tb hard drive.

    As it stands I've got it up to High Sierra, and its worming great. I've messed sriu d with boot camp and got it dual booting Windows 10, even though bootcamp software for that machine would originally only allow a win7/8 install. Adding some updated boot camp supporting drivers to the Windows 10 install tomorrow to complete that bad lad.

    Also toniggt I have almost completed another Mac Project - turning an old bricked Dell Latitude into a Hackintosh.

    It's running brilliantly, after a few days of tweaking and configuring. Just need to add a supported wifi card and then its a fully fledged MacBook Pro, as far as it's concerned :)

    Up until a few weeks ago I wouldn't entertain owning Apple products as I've never been a fan, but these last two weeks of building and playing has been such an eye opener. I'm pretty much going to be shifting all my music making, coding and work projects to my two mac devices, instead of a tonne of old Windows laptops and a handful of Linux boxes.

    Can't wait!

  • FrankenMac: Cobbling together a Mac Pro

    04/18/2019 at 23:49 0 comments

    Over the last few weeks i was given permission to scavenge some parts from the pile of dead/retired Macs at work.

    These old Mac Pros ran our recording studios, and did a cracking job at it at that, for years before being upgraded to more modern machines.

    The base model I'm working on is an early 2009 model, based on the configuration of it. I've added some RAM to take it up to 4gb for now, and have added the later-model Radeon graphics card to replace the Nvidia GeForce GT 120 that was in it.

    Tomorrow I will see if it posts; if it does it'll be time to wipe the drive, reset admin bios passwords and reinstall an operating system.

    I'm in two minds whether to use it for my brass recording work (it would be an absolute beast to use with my Behringer X18 mixer) or to use it as a server.