• Hackaday 2018 Contest Entries

    04/13/2018 at 19:48 0 comments

    These are the projects I have entered into the contest - please give them a like and a follow!



    #Flask Jukebox 

    Any and all likes are greatly appreciated; I'm really looking forward to investing all seed money into parts for my projects.


  • Pi Tower Idea

    11/24/2017 at 11:40 0 comments

    I've just been looking through some Prototyping and cluster stuff for Pi and Arduino type boards, and had an idea

    It would be pretty sweet to get an little old PC case and stuffing a few boards in there.

    They could be powered by the case's PSU, and could have their GPIO pins routed to breakouts on the the back (where the PCI slots are) or the front (to the disk drive slot for some kind of easy access prototyping bit).

    A KVM could perhaps handle switching between boards, or one board could act as a master and either SSH or VNC into the other onboard devices.

    for Arduinos and  suchlike the i2c bus could be taken advantage of, allowing all SBCs to be able to communicate with them. Ethernet shields could also be an option for some boards.

    Connectivity - a network switch could be added inside to handle networking between the boards inside, with a port routed to a connector on the back for internet/other network access. A HDMI Switcher would also be a great addition to allow output switching where needed.

    An i2c display in the front of the case would be great for feeding back networking information and displaying what device is connect to what.

    Perhaps I'l be able to look into doing something like this in the future...

  • Aquariumatic: Project rethink

    09/02/2017 at 01:01 1 comment

    I've been doing a lot of work and revision to the #Aquariumatic project as of late.

    Over the no the the project has evolved from being a wired, tethered, limited system to being an open, expandable wireless lot platform with so many potential uses.

    With this in mind I am contemplating a rethink on how I document this project.

    I am going to archive the current page, tidy up its contents and use it to reflect on how the project has progressed between the versions and how it has made it to this point.

    I am then going to create a new project, dedicated to the IoT Controller/Hub setup, then create a new project page for the Aquariumatic variation on the setup, in addition to new project page for each and every variation upon the platform.

    To go with this I am going to rewrite all code currently used in the project to reflect its new structure, with the Aquariumatic-specific code to be rewritten as an add-in module.

    Watch this space!