Wireless Trasmitter Backpack for RC Transmitter

This extends the signal range for an RC controller used to control servos.

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The goal of this project will be to expand upon my previously featured long range RC control backpack.

The initial prototype built last year consisted of two units.
The transmitter would connect to an RC controller via the trainer port. It would decode the control data on this port and re-encode it as a packet of data for transmitting via serial. This data was then sent to the XTend wireless serial modem.

The receiver would decode data received by the wireless serial modem. The decoded data was output as PWM signals for use with servos. In the event that the wireless link was lost the PWM signals would output a default value.

The largest new project goal is to adapt the units to work with the much less expensive XBee wireless boards. I will also be looking into uses outside of RC only applications for the device

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