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    Searching for the right microphone

    I simply took a look on ebay and quickly found  a fitting one for about 2 €. It was not exactly the right one with the ideal footprint but at that time I didn`t know better and so i bought it. 

    (This would be the right one: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Mikrofon-Mic-Konnektor-Microphone-Mikrophon-Connector-fur-LG-G3-D850-D855-K-/321622200576?hash=item4ae22d5100:g:ld8AAOSwiCRUlYVM)

    The ideal  spare part for the lower microphone (LG G3 D855) looks like this:

    But you know how things are if there is nothing like a instructable or something else on the internet, you simply have to try out and so did I and bought the wrong one. But hey IT WORKS !!! :D 

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    Opening your LG G3

    The LG G3 itself is quite "maker friendly". You can open it very easy. As allways keep in mind, that working on a pcb with microcontrollers without ESD-protection is very risky and can destroy your device, so be careful. ( I have actually no particular esd mat or bracelet but I'm trying to ground myself before starting and between the processing. BUT for further works I'll definitly buy one, I mean they cost about 25€ and can protect you against damaging your expensive  devices.)

    How to open it is well described in this video: 

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    Finding the microphone on the PCB
    The microphone is located near the micro usb connector. I marked it in the picture below.