Planned Improvements

  • ESD protection (especially USB)
  • flyback diodes
  • stronger drivers
  • better silkscreen
  • correct use of blocking capacitors
  • fuse (for protection against polarity reversal and shorts)
  • input voltage measurement
  • supply of the microcontroller via the motor voltage supply
  • External storage for calibration and configuration data (EEPROM)
  • Temperature sensor

Planned Electrical/Mechanical Ratings

  • Input Voltage-range of about 12V-50V
  • N-Mosfet Driver which is capable of about 10A
  • Mounting holes for NEMA 23 (56x56xmm) and NEMA 24 (60x60mm)


  • USB
  • UART (3.3V)
  • Step/Dir/Enable (PoStep25-32 Compatible)