Hectic Time

A Watch Style device using only Haptic Feedback to reference the user of time spent idling about. Be a more productive You

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As Hackers everyone here would know the effects of idling; What i mean by that is, you get home from work/uni/conquering the world, sit down on your couch for five minutes to just relax before embarking upon the seemingly endless pile of projects you have in the corner; Only to discover its time for bed already, somehow you've turned your brain off and hours of your life are now missing, forever gone, unable to be recovered.
All you needed was that nudge from something/someone to break the vulcan style mind meld the tv somehow had over you.

Bring on Hectic Haptics, This small battery powered watch style device sits on your wrist, and using haptic feedback style vibration sensors commonly found in cellphones /tablets gives you a little vibration every 5/10/15/30 min interval, depending upon user settings to snap you out of your daze and remind you that theres still time to do all the stuff you wanted.

My Names's Christopher and this isn't just a sales pitch its a reality.

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