Atix: Language learning audio based device

Learn and practice words from a foreign language with a completely audio based device. Select the correct answers and keep rolling!

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Atix comes from the Quechua, meaning "the one who tries, who knows, who can and succeeds". Is a device with only an audio interface, intended not only for the blind, but also for people who cannot see the content of the device in a specific time.

I am testing and creating new devices with Audio Interfaces like their primarily interfaces. This type of devices are not only useful for Blind people or people with some sort of Visual impairment, but also for a person who cannot see the visual content in that Moment.

I use the Metro (underground tube) every day in my City (Santiago, Chile) . A lot of people use it (really, a lot) and can be very uncomfortable at mornings to use apps like Memrise or Duolingo, because you simply don't have enough space to see your phone.

My native language is Spanish and I am learning English and German. One approach to practice both languages at the same time, is to try to learn one trough the other (using English like the base language), so the devices has words in English an the German translations. 

How it works?

  • It has a pre-loaded number of words in English and German
  • Choose a random word from the list to practice
  • It says 2 times the word in English 
  • Every position of the Joystick is a different word, one of them is the right one
  • You can hear the times that you want every pronunciation
  • To confirm the right pronunciation in German click the button in the joystick

  • 1 × Battery LiPo 400mAh
  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × Button On-Off
  • 1 × Analog Joystick
  • 1 × MP3 serial card

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  • Repeat the session

    Hernán Valdés11/09/2017 at 13:29 0 comments

    Yesterday I tested and used the device in my whole travel to University. It was very unpleasant that after every round I need to select from the beginning the option to keep exercising, so I added now the option to select if you want to repeat the session after you completed the 5 words round. It asks you and Left movement with the Joystick is "Yes" and with the right is "No" (everything with audio).

    I am want to keep doing only Software changes, to prove if only 1 joystick (with a push button in it) is enough for an Interface.

    I want to add:

    1. General audio instructions that you can hear every time (How to use it)
    2. Categories (Computer science vocabulary English --> German)
    3. New algorithm to select the random words to learn
    4. Repeat the word in English 

  • New system in Atix

    Hernán Valdés11/06/2017 at 19:58 0 comments

    • Generation of menu with:
      • Learn (it isn't ready)
      • Exercise (5 random words)
      • Volume control (from 1 to 30 in the scale of the mp3 decoder)

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