Elecrow Christmas PCB feast now open.                                                                                                

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If you have no idea what to do, I will introduce you the projects from our customers that may light up your inspiration. Let's see what our customers accomplished last year.                               

 (#2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Christmas creative items are available at Elecrow PCB Christmas Special page )

#1 The Youngest- PCB Trees and Stars Christmas PCB Tress and Stars This is a project of father's task made by the kids . They are the youngest participant in Elecrow Christmas PCB contest. This project may be their first time to make their own Christmas decorations with PCB. I guess this items would be their unforgettable memory of Christmas 2016. Although this design are neat, I'm sure they can do much better one in the future.

#2 The Most Liked- WS2812B LED Stars Bunch                                                                                    Christmas PCB Stars and Snowflakes with WS2812BThis is the champion project. You can use Arduino to control these WS2812B leds. The stars can be made any visual effect and on the each star the visual effect can be different at the same time. You're limited only by the imagination and programming skill.  The creator Tomek Dutka also designed a snowflake Christmas PCB ornament, you can click the words link to find more description, images and videos of his project.

#3 The Most Adorable- Big Pink Nose Elk PCB                                                                                       Christmas PCB ElkThis cartoon Elk PCB artwork makes people laugh, kinds of humor design. The circuit is pretty simple, but the sculpt make it standout. Actually, you can make your own funny PCB items even you're not specialized in PCB layout.

#4 The Most Exquisite- PCB Cube with Warm Image                                                                         Christmas PCB OrnamentChristmas PCB lanternThe boards have to be manually depanelized and soldered in a shape of a lantern. On the top square pcb a WS2812B LED has to be mounted in order to illuminate the interior of lantern. Due to the fact that 0.6mm pcb's are quite transparent, images printed on copper layers, solder mask and overlay layers will be clearly visible.

#5 The Most Twinkling- Hexagon PCB with Golden Snowflake                                                       Christmas PCB snowflake decorationThe hexagon black  boards are decorated with ENIG snowflake and double side...

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