Captive portal for MicroPython using ESP32 (WeMos)

A captive portal (system) implemented on MicroPython running on a ESP32 (WeMos board)

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There is more than one way to implement a captive portal. I used the "redirect by DNS". Every time a client requests a website, a DNS query is started. I implemented a DNS server that answers all the DNS lookups returning the IP address of the ESP32 and thus, as a result, the captive portal page. Moreover, the message "connect to a network" or "sign in to a network" appears.

Project Components

WeMos WeMos WiFi ESP32 Development Tool x 1 buy
INR18650 INR18650 3.7v Battery x 1 buy buy
Python MicroPython download tutorial
Python uPyPortal download

Portal optimization is required! This is only a sample and a very beta code. The portal is far away from stable :S, but it works.

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    Get the required hardware.

    Check the component list

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    Install MicroPython on the ESP32.
    You need a nightly version greater than esp32-20171031 (31 Oct. 2017)! Versions older than this one have a problem with the DNS address of the access point (see here). A tutorial to install MicroPython on the ESP32 can be found here.
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    Using the PyMark console, connect the WeMos to the Internet.
    Install the captive-portal dependencies (picoweb, micropython-logging, utemplate, micropython-pkg_resources, micropython-btreedb). I included the file ``. You need to change the `your_ssid`, and the `wpa2_password` to the corresponding of your network and execute the file on the PyMark console (click on the run button).

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