Supercon2017 badge with BSOD

"not really a badge hack"

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In the last hour before heading to the airport to travel to Supercon 2017, I put a Teensy 3.2 on the back of a 2.8 inch TFT and programmed it to print my name and a photo of the Teensy.

The original badge was used only for 3V power. This display was attached with double-sticky mounting tape.

At the Friday evening pre-party, Metalnat Hayes suggested it should have a Blue Screen of Death. I added one in the hotel Saturday morning, activated by touching the screen.

I also put in a little Easter Egg to print Metal's name. Since I was only staying for half of Saturday, I handed the badge off to him to use for the rest of the convention.

Thanks to Metal & Roger Lou for taking these photos.

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