USB Laser harp

Laser harp using MIDI to USB interface, possibly using raspberry pi or arduino as translator. NEED HELP!

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I realize this has sort of been done but i haven't seen one that can switch octaves on the fly, or even pitch bend.
I want to make a midi-to-usb laser harp with switchable octaves!I have an arduino mega 2560, an octaves worth of laser diodes, and the same number of sensors meant for those outdoor lanterns that light up when its dark. I was hoping I could use some transistors to reverse the function of my photoresistors but i need it to have midi to usb capability, I also have another arduino board with button inputs but it doesn't have a full octave, and I have a BASIC stamp controller that I know nothing about, maybe that could handle midi 2 usb. This is a learning project, any help will be taken with utmost appreciation.I have more hardware in storage that may be of help and i may be able to order parts i need within reasonable budget. I will add these things along with credit to anyone who helps in future updates.

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neffm wrote 12/08/2017 at 14:55 point

thats a pretty sick rig! ill see what i can learn from it for sure

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Johan Berglund wrote 12/08/2017 at 07:45 point

Hey! Interesting ideas :) How would you control pitch bend?

You are most welcome to use stuff from my laser harp project if you'd like:

Currently working on a bigger one... :D

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