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    Step 1

    Choose you dimensions

    First, choose the wire diameter, helix diameter and turns spacing you want. I used:

    -d=1.47mm wire diameter (standard 1.5mm² electric wire in europe).
    -D=8mm turns spacing
    -S=8mm helix diameter

    I will note D the helix INNER diameter (from one inner side of the wire to the other), and S the INNER distance between two steps.

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    Step 2

    Buy material

    Get an aluminium tube (or rode, or irong rode, ...) with a diameter equal to D (helix inner diameter) 

    Buy a wooden bar with thickness equal to S. Don't use light wood like pine. I used oak from an industrial wooden floor. Mahogany or ashe would be fine.

    Buy wood glue.

    Get some cheap (2€ for a pair of mine at local disount store) if you do not have better ones.

    Buy a drill press (no, don't, ask someone if you can use his one)

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    Step 3

    Mark the Face Plate

    Cut two grooves on one side of the piece of wood spaced by about 20-30mm (1 inch).

    Mark perpendicular lines on the face and mark the area between the two grooves and two lines.