DIY 3D Printing with Universal Paste Extruder, CNC and Laser Engraver

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Based on the work of josef prusa, model prusa I3 link:

Base model characteristics:

Build Size: 200mm x 200mm x 200mm up to 200x400x500
Resolution: Base nozzle has 3 diferent resolutions 0,2 , 0,3 and 0,5, if you choose to use an hexagon extruder you can go as high as 1.2mm, ideal for the bigger versions.
Z Resolution: Best achieved with a normal calbration 0,1mm , when well calibrated you can reach resolutions of 0,01mm
Materials: ABS, ABS-PC,ABS-Carborn, Glow In The Dark ABS and PLA, PLA, HIPS, Laywoo, Claywoo, Nylon, PVA and others
Speed: Up to 100mm/s (tested with 2000mm/s set up and worked)
Prepared for automatic bed levelling

Monkey Extruder - Super lightweight Dual extruder ( motors with half the weight of a nema 17) with the capability of separating both nozzles up to half the bed lenght, making possible the print of 2 objects in diferent materials or colors at the same time saving 50% of the building time

Here is the diference between our printer and the rest.


Double stainless steel sheet, reducing to 0 the shaking of the Z structure that normally happens on a normal I3 at high speeds.
Dual Z guide and belt tensioners in all belts. This will let you control the tension on your belts and the double Z guide will let you give even more pressure without bending the guides. Its extremelly important for the CNC function.
Y axis metal Plates. The normal Y axis are made from a single rod and easy gets twisted. With the stainless steel sheets that never happens.
1/50 Extruder motor. This motor is 2/3 the weight of a normal nema 17 motor and haves 3 times its resolution and almost the double of its strenght.

Multiple controllers ready. Every 3D printing controllers has is own qualities and defects so we are including the files so you can choose wich on is right for you.

Monkey Extruder. Monkey sees monkey does. Its an extruder developed by us that can be used as dual extruder or copy extruder, so you can really print 2 parts at the same time.

You can build it by yourself. We had the preocupation to only use technology and products avaiable in the majority of the cities so you can easly make by yourself the structure. The electronics you got to get it in your favourite 3D printing store

  • Build Manual

    hello3dprintingworld11/13/2014 at 14:06 0 comments

    We have one manual on the github to build it, but there are several changed that aren't in it. We are making a new version and a English version too. We'll be posting soon the new PDF in github and add it here also

  • 3D printer function development is over

    hello3dprintingworld11/13/2014 at 13:57 0 comments

    After 2 years of perfecting the 3D printing function while working on the structure to withstand the CNC function we are finally finished.
    The next step in the roadmap is to develop the Universal Endless Paste Extruder. We hope to have news about it next month

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George I Fomitchev wrote 06/25/2017 at 20:50 point

very similar to our idea Endurance WanHao combo:

but congrats with nice solution!

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