• My procrastination is limitless. Anyway let's do this

    Emil J07/25/2016 at 11:37 0 comments

    Well, it's not really procrastination that kept this project on the backburner for the last year and a half, but more like total demotivation to do anything creative. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm back to and I'm ready to make stuff!

    There'll be a small change in direction in that I won't try to build everything from scratch. Having PCBs made and then finding out that it just won't work and having to troubleshoot tens or hundreds of components sounds like it would ruin the whole project for me. I think you can still learn a lot even if you use the easier routes.

    I'm currently designing the schematic with KiCAD. My workflow is as follows:

    1) identify challenge

    2) look at Mouser for integrated solutions or use random internet reference designs

    3) study datasheets, create components in KiCAD, do the wiring

    4) repeat for next challenge

    I'll try and upload the KiCAD files after small milestones.


  • Important IV-12 specifications

    Emil J11/22/2014 at 23:28 0 comments

    EDIT: I didn't know shit about vacuum tubes when I wrote this. The cathode is basicall both pins 2 and 3, but between 2 and 3 there's the filament heater. Basically, you gotta ground one of the pins and put 1.5V on the other. EZ! Also I'll be using a PWM controlled boost converter to be able to control the segment voltage.

    I translated this (link to datasheet in links section) from russian into english using some online azbuka to alphabet converter and google translate. Here's the important stuff I gathered:


    1 anode e

    2 cathode

    3 cathode, wire layer inner surface of the container (difference from 2 being...?)

    4 net/mask

    5 anode d

    6 anode c

    7 anode b

    8 anode a

    9 anode g

    10 anode f


    filament voltage 1.5V

    segment anode to net voltage 25 V


    filament current 90mA-110mA, typ. 100mA

    net current N/A-17mA, typ. 12mA

    aaand the rest are candelas/metres squared and I can't be arsed to translate that as well

  • Voltage level translator done

    Emil J11/22/2014 at 23:25 0 comments

    So the thingy that will have the outputs of a BCD to DEC converter and the 28V power supply fed in and put out the high voltage when switched by the BCD to DEC has been optimised from the one used in http://web.jfet.org/inGrid/ to my specs - higher current, lower voltages. See the Yenka simulation schematic snaps: