The Arduino Bluetooth Smart Car has the function of Complete tracking, obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control and Bluetooth remote control. It is a MCU study and application development system base on Atmege328.The greatest feature is that you can control it with Mobile phone bluetooth of Android system. That's may have a lot of fun.To make it, you need a number of kits which contain a number of interesting programs, and expand external circuit module to implement functions.
So now let's begin to build this smart car.

Major Parameter:

1>.Motor parameter:
Power apply:6V-9V;
Reduction gear ratio:1:48;
2>.Selection L298N module driver motor,segregate form CPU.
3>.Three tracking modules,detection white and black line.Available with fall prevention control.
4>.Infrared remote communication module,composition of remote control system of smart car.
5>.Bluetooth wireless module,can match with mobile phone to control smart car.
6>.Input voltage 7V-12V,can connect to different kinds of sensor.The more sensors ,the more functions.

1>.stepper motor x4
2>.wheel x4
3>.motor fixed block x4
4>.100x213x5mm perspex sheet x1
5>.100x213x5mm perspex sheet x1
6>.L298N driver board x1
7>.Arduino uno 328 controller x1
8>.Arduino sensor shield V5 x1
9>.PTZ x1
10>.Servo motor x1
11>.Ultrasonic module x1
12>.Three channel tracking module x1
13>.Infrared receive sensor x1
14>.Transducer x1
15>.18650 battery holder x1
16>.18650 battery x2
17>.18650 battery charger x1
18>.Bluetooth module x1
19>.Dupont wire x30
20>.USB cable 1M x1
21>.Copper cylinder M3*20mm x3
22>.Copper cylinder M3*35mm x6
23>.Copper cylinder M3*20mm x3
24>.Copper cylinder M3*6mm x6
25>.M3 3mm screw and nut

1.PTZ and servo motor Installation
2.Ultrasonic Installation
3.Car Chassis
4.Introduction of L298N motor driver module, Tracking module principle, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance intelligent car, Mobile phone bluetooth intelligent car

The code for reference:

Step 1: PTZ and servo motor Installation Instruction

Step 2: Install as below:

Step 3: Install the frame

Step 4: Fix Ultrasonic

Step 5: Add it to the car chassis

Step 6: Experiment in details

1>.L298N motor driver module

ENA(yellow in picture):
1(5V/PWM):enable motor A
0(GND/PWM):disenable motor A
IN1 to 5V,IN2 to GND,motor A corotation IN1 to GND,IN2 to 5V,motor A rollback ENB(yellow in picture):
1(5V/PWM):enable motor B
0(GND/PWM):disenable motor B
IN3 to 5V,IN4 to GND,motor A corotation
IN3 to GND,IN4 to 5V,motor A rollback

5V_EN(green in picture):
If use the jumper, chip 78 m05 provide power supply for modules
If do not use jumper, need to use 5v-pin & GND-pin provides power supply module for modules

CSA/CSB(green in picture):
Current test pins for motor A/B,can series connection resistance
If do not use jumper, detection of the current
If use the jumper,not detect current

UR1-UR4(green in picture):
Choose whether to use pull-up resistor
For I/O port driver ability of microcontroller, can short circuit, using pull-up resistor
If use the jumper, Do not use the pull-up resistor. If do not use jumper ,use the pull-up resistor
NOTE:You can use other code to driver motor.

2>.Tracking smart car

Tracking module principle:TCRT5000 Using infrared reflectivity of color is different, the strength of the reflected signal is converted into electrical signals. Black and white tracing module in high level effectively detect black, white is detected for the low level, effectively detect 0-3 cm in height.

3>.Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance intelligent car

Obstacle avoidance intelligent ultrasonic is convenient, simple and easy to do real-time control, and can meet the practical requirements in terms of accuracy of measurement, thus become a commonly used method of obstacle avoidance. Ultrasonic method using reference (Arduino ultrasonic ranging).
Ultrasonic smart wiring diagram;

4>.Mobile phone bluetooth intelligent car

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) technology,...

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