TV Remote Control via Offline Speech Recognition

A low cost, open-source, universal-like remote control system that translates the user's spoken words into commands to electronic devices.

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This project presents an open-source, low cost universal remote control system that translates user’s speech into commands to electronic devices. The system works well in both English and Brazilian Portuguese languages. Since cloud speech recognition systems are getting really usual, the good thing about the project is that it uses a local, offline speech recognition system, which doesn't even require a connection to the Internet. Plus, controlling things via speech would certainly be a viable option to people whose upper limbs or sight are compromised.

As stated by the World Health Organization on his book [WHO Global Disability Action Plan 2014-2021], approximately 15% of the whole population of the globe has some kind of disability. This number really speaks volumes, since it reveals that in a population of 7.6 billion people, around one out of seven (1 billion people) is a disabled person. The Organization also affirms that 80% of people with disabilities lived in sub-developed countries in 2013, which suggests that the disability condition is pretty much related to the economic situation of the country of residence.

*gotta speak here something about online/cloud speech recognition*

Therefore, this project aims at developing a low-cost, universal remote control system based on an embedded platform, the Next Thing Co.'s  single board computer (SBC) called C.H.I.P., which was configured as a centralized hub at home environment in order to control some electronic devices. Since C.H.I.P. runs a Debian OS (Linux-based), the system is able to offline recognize speech in real time through the PocketSphinx package. An overall schematic of the system is shown below as a "flowchart".

The system could then provide an alternative interface of control for people with visual and upper limb motor disabilities. This is expected to give them more independence and autonomy, since traditional remote control devices impose a giant barrier by forcing the use of hands and fingers by the user

  • About the test on desktop

    Cassio Batista02/14/2018 at 17:37 0 comments

    I forgot a proof that the thing is working :)

    Here's a nice screenshot:

    -- CB.

  • Github repo created

    Cassio Batista02/14/2018 at 17:33 0 comments


    Just started this new project. I hope I have time to document things here.

    The github repository is now available. I've made some tests on my desktop Ubuntu and everything went fine. Hope I have good luck when moving to the ARM/embedded Linux.

    -- CB.

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