Quantity   Component name
1 × XC7Z7010 Xilinx XC7Z7010 SoC with dualcore Cortex A9 and Artix FPGA fabric
1 × TiWi-uB2 or CC2564MODN Bluetooth module with TI CC2546/B either from LS Research or direct from TI
2 × S25FL128 Memory ICs / FLASH Memory
2 × EN5311 Power Management ICs / Switching Regulators and Controllers
1 × SD Card Slot SD Card slot, for SD or SDIO or iSDIO/WiFi Cards
1 × micro SD Card Slot For micro SD/SDXC Cards, secondary boot
1 × MSP430 TI MSP430 Microcontroller as reset and push-button controller
1 × SMD DIP Switch 4 pole Used to select boot mode and other options