Weaning a Magic Mouse off AA batteries

I didn't really want to buy anymore batteries for my Magic Mouse (rechargeables suck), and I didn't want to get a $50 product

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I think I got this Magic Mouse as a gift a few years back. Used it sporadically as the battery changes weren't really worth it (lasts about 2 months of daily use, with switching off).

This is a story of how two wrongs made a right. Or at least a hack.

Printed a hand support ( ) but my printer failed at the last cm of print so there was a gap next to empty space.

Lost a skid when I decided to clean it, and I replaced them with snipped pen cartridges. This exposed two gaps next to the battery cover.

I put two and two together, and decided that I should mod it to use a rechargable power source under the hand support, with all the necessary circuitry.

I have yet to get any components, but I printed the dummy battery set.

Wanting to practice more OpenSCAD, I did up the battery compartment so that I can put the connections in place - battery.scad

There are some parameters, but as you can see I got lazy.

I use m3 screws to act as the endcaps and to hold the wire in place

An update: I will be using Supercaps instead of LiPos. Since I haven't got any lipos to play with… I might as well be using a different source

  • Current draw values

    randName()02/06/2015 at 15:09 0 comments

    I decided to measure the current consumption to get a feeling of what I have to deal with:

    connecting - 30mA

    idle - 5mA

    movement - 13mA

    click/touch - 25mA

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