Less Details than a indication of the starting point.

Sintering is the constant across all of the various processes I want to investigate. So that is where I will start.

To begin I'm going to utilize Metal Clay as the input and Bronze as the starting material.

I have just about finished the design of the initial Furnace/Oven. It will use electric resistance heating, A pusher style, with two heat zones and a cooling zone with independent atmosphere control in each zone.

I really want to separate the burnoff zone from the sintering zone so I can get a good read on the process. Atmosphere in the cool down zone primarily for air quench when the furnace is used for heat treating. I'm also trying to design the zones so they can be added to.

Only easily available welding gas to be used for atmosphere.

A paste extruder on a 3D printer will be used to test scaling factors after initial testing.

This much I believe I can get done out of pocket and with luck by late April.

At this point I should have enough done to run an IndieGoGo to help finance the next stages.