case is made from plywood found on the streets. 

there is some 5mm acrylic too, those i was buying cheap a4 size on ebay.

wooden frame is held without glue, mostly little 3mm screws. 

board are mounted on 5x5cm, 10x10cm, 15x10cm wooden pieces, each has a 4 holes for fixing with screws and some neodymium  magnets to attach them to metallic surfaces. found the wooden way much easier to make the thing nicely modular.

there is 1x arduino mega with sensor shield
1x fundino uno
1x 20x4 text display
1x cheap 128xsomething graphic display, so far managed to have it working.

have a lcd volt/ammeter waiting to go in , 

pressure sensor (bhp085), humidity sensor (dht22) for weather monitoring 

protytyping board

variable dc-dc converter with display

plus there are some plans to make similiar sized enclosure, but for mostly audio use (oscilooscope, signal generator, xlr connectors etc... slowly slowly. limited funds and time....)

what does it do:

arduino uno and text display does weather station duties. 2x temperature, pressure, humidity. 

mega with sensor shield on does for experimenting. currently playing with that graphic display and some potentiometers. 

what is supposed to do:

1 . proper weather station (60 complete ;-))

2. bathroom extractor fan/heater/humidistat controller 

3. solar tracker/charger to be done for summer season

4. voltage/current/temperature monitor for my dc powered soundsystem.