Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi Model B, B+, or Pi 2 B Any model of B (256mb or 512mb) is fine, as is the B+ and Pi 2 B. The Model A and A+ wont work because you need either 2 USB ports or just one and an Ethernet port. Only the B models have these
1 × Wifi Dongle *IMPORTANT* This requires a specific chipset to be an AP. A second normal one can be used in a completely wireless system. I will explain in the instructions
1 × Raspberry Pi Case Any case will do just fine. Nothing is over clocked, so heat shouldnt be an issue
1 × 4gb or larger SD card The B uses full size SD cards, the B+ and Pi 2 use microSD. Make sure you get the right kind for yours
1 × Battery Pack - optional Only necessary if you are going completely wireless
1 × Power Supply At least 1 amp for the B and B+. 2 amps for the Pi 2. Wireless cards use a surprisingly high amount of power, so the more you give it, the better it will work.