ios controller

ios keyboard emulator using bluesmirf hid with python's tkinter. including special function keys

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I had been was looking for an alternate ways to setting up many apple devices quickly. For anyone working in IT you know its an ongoing search. I have worked with and set up hundreds of ipads from the original ipad to the newest. I want to make something that a non technical person could use, a turn key solution for Apple's sometimes frustrating devices. For this project I was looking for a way to quickly setup these ipads with minimal handling. My project uses the bluesmirf hid connected to an FTDI basic (5v). I have been teaching myself python so I found an example by Ted Burke from his site at wordpress that I've modified to send words, tabs, returns, and other commands via tkinter buttons. I found further great info from The NewBoston youtube channel on Python / Tkinter.

Python provides the GUI though Tkinter (sometimes referred to as TK) for control by means of calls to preset ser.write commands tied to buttons.

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