Voice controlled connected home

This project aims to bind all IoT devices together in a single unified voice controlled interface.

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Increasingly, more devices have started supporting network capability. This allows one to control these devices using a browser or an app on a mobile. However, this poses another problem - multitude of interfaces to control large number of devices. This project aims to bind all these together in a single unified voice controlled interface.

The demo consists of a voice activated Android app controlling Spark core enabled switches, IP camera, XBMC media devices, Raspberry Pi and Denon AVR. Some highlights:

  • Say "let there be light" or "lights on" to switch on lights
  • Say "Watch TV" to watch TV
  • Say "Play radio" to listen to FM radio
  • Say "Volume up/down", "volume mute/unmute" to control volume
  • Say "lights off" to turn off lights
  • Say "show front door" to view the activity in front door via an IP camera
  • Say "play song" to play a song from one's music library
  • Say "play movie batman" to play Batman movie in one's movie library
  • Say "pause/play" to control media playback
  • Pause media in one room and resume the same in another room
  • Say "paint all red" to control mood lighting

  • 1 × ULN2803 Discrete Semiconductors / Power Transistors and MOSFETs
  • 1 × Spark core
  • 1 × DLink 930L IP camera
  • 1 × XBMC media devices
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi

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  • Back track

    Anand Tamariya08/06/2015 at 15:52 0 comments

    NLP seems to be a hard nut to crack. So taking a step back. I'll try to focus on low-hanging fruits. Some UI controls for playing media would be nice. Let's get that done first to keep up the motivation.

  • Command processing and NLP

    Anand Tamariya07/31/2015 at 06:49 0 comments

    Natural Language Processing (NLP) deals with deciphering spoken language grammar and our understanding of the same. So far my app had two or three words commands. And coincidentally they followed a pattern. Like "play movie batman" or "switch lights on". I broke it down as:

    1. The device that should handle the command
    2. The function
    3. Optional additional data required to perform the function

    However, for mood light, this pattern breaks down. One is more likely to say "color device red" or "color all green". Got to spend some time thinking of a sensible algorithm to handle this possibly using NLP.

  • Mood lighting UI

    Anand Tamariya07/29/2015 at 15:19 0 comments

    Now that mood lighting works with command line, the obvious next step is to add this capability in android app. I'm thinking of a color palette that the user can use to select a color of his choice. After all, there are a range of colors in between red, green and blue.

  • Mood lighting

    Anand Tamariya07/10/2015 at 03:45 0 comments

    Added mood lighting support with RPi.

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