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    Step 1

    Assemble components on PCB. Should be straight forward if you have the eagle schematic and board file. Note, I don't have any pictures of the assembly process as I put these together in Oct 2014, and am documenting the project 3 months later.

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    Step 2

    Program the board using the built in header. I soldered wires from a MSP430 launchpad programming pins to a 2x3 pin header and held it in place during the short programming process in Code Composer Studio. I had some connection issues (about 4/5 tries) that were resolved simply by slightly changing the angle and/or pressure in which I held the pin header into the programming socket. The socket isn't going to protect you from +/Gnd orientation, so watch that before you apply power.

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    Step 3

    Cut a segment of RGB light strip and get some big solder blobs built up on the 4 pads (+12V, R, G, B).