rpvlcdmp: Raspberry Pi VLC Dedicated Media Player

raspberry pi 3b tv box running vlc with remote control input via hdmi.

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Directions, scripts, settings and customizations for a default raspbian install.

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  • VLC setting deep dive: Enabling android app control.

    linus02/11/2018 at 06:50 0 comments

    Select Preferences from the Tools drop down menu. Then click the check button for All located in the bottom left corner of the preferences menu.

    Click on Main interfaces under the Interfaces tab, then check both the Web and Lua interpreter boxes.

    Now click the arrow next to Main interfaces to expand that tab and select Lua from the items below it. Finally locate the Password box in the Lua HTTP section and type something into it.

    Hit Save, restart vlc and enjoy.

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    Prerequisites: Default install of Raspbian Stretch with Desktop.
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    Step One: raspi-config.

    Use "ctrl+alt+t" to open a terminal window, then run "sudo raspi-config"

    If this is your first time booting raspbian probably best to select option "1 Change User Password" first.

    Then choose option "7 Advance Options" followed by "A7 GL Driver" and finally "G2 GL (Fake KMS)".

    I also recommend while you're in the settings app to activate ssh. "5 Interface Options" then "P2 SSH".

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    Step Two: Installing required packages.

    "sudo apt-get install vlc xdotooll wmctrl cec-utils libcec"

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