MAME Cabinet Build

The Rasta-Cade; a custom MAME cabinet I built last summer using a spare TV and computer.

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Unfortunately, Hackaday Projects wasn't a thing when I was building this. I took pictures along the way and wanted to make a build log while I was making it, but it's finished now so I'll give some basic details here, and if you want a more detailed explanation check my wordpress blog. (link below)

I had a spare 32" LCD TV that I wanted to use to make an arcade cabinet. I was originally going to use a CRT for that authentic feel, but it meant the cabinet would be much deeper. The TV's measurements were taken, and some rough sketches were made. After a few designs, I settled on one and modeled it in CAD as separate parts in an assembly. This made it easier when actually cutting out the pieces.

The marquee is printed on poster paper with a fluorescent light behind it. The controls are wired to an original Xbox controller with the XBCD drivers, and the front end I used is mGalaxy.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the result. I had more fun building it than playing the games, though.

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