Now here is the kicker:

All the hardware components of oatmeal cube can be purchased at a department store (with the exemption of a PCB and a few electronics components), while the cube structure itself is made by 3D printing. This will allow anyone with a 3D printer to donate their time and energy by following simple instructions to create a system that can be boxed easily and shipped to anywhere in the world. Let's talk about creating a revolution.

But it's not actually about a new mysterious technology. It's about leveraging the technology we already have and using our own collective power to make some change. This is not accomplished by a single good idea and a heroic act, but the collective vision. It's the power of a selfless vision shared by many.

The design specs are to follow, after a bit more brainstorming and ideation cycles.

The point here is to create a system that works really well at delivering sustaining food in an area where water iscontaminated.

So far we will be considering:

A water purification module:

Alum, activated charcoal, off the shelf filters, UV light purification, chlorine drops etc. in a process of modules. Easy step by step instructions and micro-controller automation of processing keeps user error out of the equation.

The oatmeal module:

Contains a solar powered / charged, re-usable kit for heating water, a reusable pan and the oatmeal, flavors and 3 bowls.

Details to follow :)