As I said in the description, the fan is used to generate white noise for sleeping. Newer fans are too quiet so this fan has a definite value. When I went to turn if off one morning I was feeling for the switch and literally pushed my finger through the guard, the blade lopping off part of my finger tip.  

I took the fan to my shop to try and measure it to see if I could print a small grill to cover the portion my finger destroyed. Just the action of setting it on its front and measuring caused the fan motor, blade and housing to crack all of the supports and fall inwards. My design changed to creating an entire replacement for the rear guard. 

I am very new to fusion (and 3D printing for that matter) so the design process was another step up the learning curve. I included an export of the Fusion file so that you can see my amateur attempt at the design.  

I printed with eSUN PLA+ at 208 degrees and solid to give the maximum strength. 

I tried several techniques to attach the guard between the fan body and the motor housing. The guard not only protects fingers but acts as the sole support for the fan motor. I finally decided on high temp acrylic hot glue (of course...) which allowed me to "fill weld" in the small variations between my print and the original fan.  

It has been running every night and seems as strong as when I first repaired it. My design provides a grater restriction to the air (I printed the supports thicker to get the strength) and I believe that it makes the fan a little louder which is a bonus in this application.