RPi Lego Bot 2.0

An easy to control webcam robot with a few parts and made of LEGO.

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For a long time I wanted to build my own webcam robot. The purpose was to let friends "visit" my home via the internet. Also my brother, who studies at the moment in america, could interact with my family that way.

The processor board is the broadly used Rapberry Pi B. It runs the standard Raspbian distro. Lighttpd is used as a webserver. It provides the control interface written in blank html and executes the scripts to start and stop the motors. The motor scrips themselves are written in python.

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi B single board computer. you can use another one.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Camera
  • 1 × SD card (>=4GB)
  • 1 × USB WiFi dongle
  • 1 × LiPo Battery 3S (11.1V e.g. 2200mAh)

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    Step 1

    Basic Setup

    The OS used int htis project is Raspbian, because I'm a more familliar with debian and it already supports python and makes the GPIOs easily accessible.

    Download it and flash it on a SD card with 4GB or more. Plug it into your Pi and add the USB WiFi dongle and the camera. Also connect it to the internet via the ethernet port.

    You can decide to configure it via ssh or the keyboard. To configure it via ssh you need the IP-address. Some router web interfaces allow you to see the IPs of all devices in the network.

    At first boot up we login with the user: pi and password: raspberry and run

    sudo raspi-config

    In the menu we first expand the file system, change the user password (password of "pi"), apply regional specification if needed, enable the camera. I also overclocked the Pi to 950 MHz. In the advanced options you might want to change the hostname of your Pi and split the memory to 256MB for the GPU. Finish the configurations and reboot.

    After that we run

    sudo apt-get update 
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    Now we want to install the wireless network manger wicd.

    sudo apt-get install wicd wicd-curses

    When that's complete we can run wicd and setup a wireless network connection.

    sudo wicd-curses
    Whe that's done you can software-shutdown the Pi, remove the ethernet cable and boot it again. Now you should be able to ssh access the Pi via WiFi.

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