Raspberry Pi: Jabber/XMPP client

This is about using an Instant Messaging client (Pidgin, ChatSecure, etc...) to send and receive messages to/from your Raspberry Pi.

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I am working on an a Raspberry Pi based, internet connected indoor air quality monitor called LiV. LiV is an open source hardware and software project. LiV measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and CO2 levels. I wanted to be able to retrieve measurements from LiV on my cell phone. So I wrote a simple XMPP/Jabber client that runs on the RPI. I created a free Jabber account on for the client running on Raspberry Pi. I then added the newly created account in my buddy list in the client app that I am using (i.e. Messages app on Mac and ChatSecure on Android). I can now type commands in my Jabber client and receive messages from my Raspberry Pi LiV device. I am providing a github link to the Python source code below. You may use this as a reference if you find it useful. You can comment the part that retrieves measurements from the liv database and implement the logic that suits your needs.

Currently LiV Pi implements the following commands: report, website, alarms, set, reset.

You can find detailed info on LiV Pi here:

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    Step 1

    You need to have Python configured on your RPi.

    - Install the following libraries: xmpppy, httplib2, dnspython

    - download the LiV XMPP Python code from the gitHub repository listed before

    - modify the code to suit your needs

    Send me a message if you need any help or if you spot anything that I should improve in the code.

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