Raspberry Pi : Python Flask web server

This is about writing a website and exposing REST JSON APIs on Raspberry Pi. For this I used Python Flask.

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I am working on an a Raspberry Pi based, internet connected indoor air quality monitor called LiV Pi. LiV is an open source hardware and software project. LiV measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and CO2 levels. I connected LiV to my home network. I wanted to be able to have a Intranet website on LiV where I can to see real time measurements and graphs. I used Python Flask to do that. I also exposed REST JSON APIs in Flask. The APIs can be used by developers who would like to integrate LiV data with their applications.

Detailed info on LiV Pi here:

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    Step 1

    You need to have Python configured on your RPi.

    - Install the following libraries: flask, python-matplotlib (if you want to have data visualization)

    - download the LiV APIs Python code from the gitHub repository listed before

    - modify the code to suit your needs

    Send me a message if you need any help or if you spot anything that I should improve in the code.

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Luke Beno wrote 08/22/2015 at 20:15 point

Cool project!  Would you at all be interested in connecting your sensor to my project?

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AlfredC wrote 08/25/2015 at 02:21 point

Hi Luke. Please send me an email at: support aT firstcypress Dot com to talk about this.  

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