LCD and Analogue Skeleton Clock

Using an Arduino UNO a 20x4 LCD display and an analogue skeleton movement to make a portable master clock.

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This clock is designed to backup my Master Clock should it fail or need maintenance and is portable with battery backup. It can also be used as a stand alone clock as well.

This clock uses an Arduino 328 Microprocessor to decode Time from the DCF77 "Atomic" Clock in Mainflingen near Frankfurt Germany.

Time is displayed on a skeleton clock and a Blue 4x20 LCD display. Clock pulses to drive slave dials are monitored on an LED panel.

3 x 1.5volt AA cells provide battery backup when disconnected from the mains.

The main board has a USB to UART connector so the clock software can be updated from a PC or even a Mac.

Full details including code on the Clocks Web page see link.

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