Radial Music Watch

A music watch that can play MP3s and FLACs to IEM's.

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The project is generally just for fun, and to get better at embedded systems. When we get to the development stage, we will start posting pictures.
  • 1 × Teensy 3.1 Currently being trialled. Will possibly use something more custom-y and beefier later on.
  • 1 × 1.6" OLED Display Univision 1.6" Passive matrix OLED Display 160 x 128pixel
  • 1 × 500mAh Battery Same dimensions as screen, how great is that! (Hint: it's very great)
  • 1 × AKM AK4396 The DAC IC. No room for a discrete DAC!
  • 1 × Watch battery You dont want the time to always reset!

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