DIY Stereo Camera

Make Stereo Camera from any 2 same camera then merge the videos with provided software.

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Couple of weeks ago i saw a super cheap camera which was about 50TL (18,47$ by 15.04.2015 date) then i instantly bought it because i thought i could do some stuff with it since its super duper cheap. Then i realized that i could actually make stereo camera with it! I've been into making stereo camera for really long time but never had 2 camera and especially super cheap camera that i can simply use it for experimental things.

So i made stereo camera from 2 cheap cameras then i opened them and started recording. Cool but if i can not merge these 2 videos to single frame, i cant call it stereo camera right? I could use normal video editor but then i would have to deal with start points of 2 videos and really, using video editor and checking some tutorials take time.

In this case i thought i can actually make my software that simply takes two videos and merge them. And automaticly set the initial point by the marker at the beginning of the video.

Since i'm done with the Stereo Camera hardware part, i'll be working on software. I am thinking of writing it in Java or Python with OpenCV library. I'll create logs as i get progress (At least once a week). By the way software will be open source so you'll be able to do whatever you want with it.

  • Log #3

    Birkan05/21/2015 at 18:38 0 comments

    So, i had trouble with OPENCV 3.0 for java and started using xuggler to write video. Later on i decided to turn whole project to xuggler. So far i am able to take one video and make it stereo. Hopefully soon i'll finish the bare software that will take two video and merge them.

  • New Idea for Start Point Configuring

    Birkan04/27/2015 at 18:41 0 comments

    I was talking with my friend called Uğur about the project and he was also working on it about the testing part. When we were talking, he gave me such a great idea about configuring the start point of two videos. I was about to do it with showing marker before actually starting to record but that requires a marker which is not practical (OK, it can be simply printed but anyway that is additional work anyway.) so the idea he gave me is "It is possible to determine initial point with sound". So i'll check if i can go with that and if it is easier then marker thing or not.

    Well, thanks to Uğur for such a great idea!

  • Log #1

    Birkan04/24/2015 at 07:45 0 comments

    So i've been working on software for a while and got a nice progress. Now, with using openCV library for java i am able to take frames from 2 videos and merge these two frames but there is problem with writing buffered images to video with openCV for java. So i'll us Xuggler library for this job. When i accomplish that, i'll go for the marker feature for auto initilize the video start.

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