I love the learning process and humor above all else. Hoping to remind people that fun exists through technology and hard work.

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Dustin wrote 07/27/2016 at 06:25 point

Random thought! Have python code pull text files from the SD card, and have the Raspberry Pi mount as a USB flash drive. I could type up my lists, drag them to the Pi, then restart the program to refresh everything. This would solve the problem I would have faced with an Arduino, where I would have to edit the program code every time I wanted to update lists. Unless I added the text file support to the Arduino. I would have, but the Pi has everything I need already, and cheaper too.

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Dustin wrote 07/27/2016 at 06:23 point

I started this project while trying to find a use for the 16x2 LCD I just bought. I thought it would be fun to play with, or add to something in the future. I originally had it hooked to an Arduino Pro Mini to play with it. I got it working, and was pretty bored with it shortly after writing to it from Putty for Windows over USB.

I have been struggling to stay on top of minor chores due to lack of printer ink, and being too lazy to hand write my daily checklists. This has been a constant problem for me, as I love my checklists, but hate fumbling with them. I finally had the idea to make a simple device whose sole purpose is to replace my checklists. I had toyed with the idea of using an Arduino, a Parallax Propeller, and even a BASIC Stamp. I ran into problems with all of those, as I have no understanding of traditional programming. I have programmed a bit in Python and seemed to understand it pretty well. I remembered my Raspberry Pi Zero collecting dust in my microcontroller case and pulled it out. It fit perfectly behind the screen and would allow me a ton of power and options. 

I am currently waiting to start this project as I work long hours right now, and am waiting to get a new LCD with buttons built in. Once I have that, I will start on it and post updates.

There is a ton that will go into this, and I haven't even started thinking through them yet. This is just me finally deciding on a good system to track projects, motivate myself to keep going, and get feedback. Sharing everything with people who might be interested is a nice feature too. Hope someone else sees the value in a stand-alone e-checklist. If not, more for me!

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