Metal 3D printer

Making an electron gun is a first stage of my future plans - to make DIY electron microscope/EBM metal 3D printer.

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Having seven years of experience with electron microscopes and five years with 3d printers I decided to make my own electron beam welder/metal 3D printer/electron microscope. Sounds crazy? YES!

I'm thinking about this project more than year. Now it´s time to make it real! Almost all parts are already sourced, so let's build it!

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    Power supply

    SMPS_1: Isolation transformer

    • just for Isolation - designed ideally to 60kV - in real life it will be much less
    • potted in epoxy 22kV/mm = 3mm gaps between PRI/SEC and core = very high leakage inductance = soft source
    • half bridge topology was chosen due to high leakage inductance.
    • idealy no feedback at all = problem due to leakage inductance - soft source
    • to minimize leakage inductance, primary winding will be splitted in hlaf. PRIM | SEC | PRIM
    • 20-50kHz

    SMPS_2: classic buck converter

    SMPS_3: step up

    SMPS_4: current or voltage fed voltage converter - depends on power (e-beam weldes vs SEM)

    • Mains -> DC, buck, full bridge
    • FPGA driver

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hakim tahi wrote 07/29/2019 at 10:19 point

could you please explain who we print in 3D metal 

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