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This REST API provides programmatic access to data from Read project data, user profiles, comments, pages, search and more using the API. The authorization to access the API is via the open standard for authorization OAuth. The responses are available in JSON.

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Alex Rich wrote 05/04/2015 at 17:13 point

Thanks for the reply to my question, that worked!  I was getting hung up on the OAuth / callback stuff because that was new to me, it wasn't initially clear that for public data I can skip those steps and just do a normal GET request using my API key.  The examples on the API site are great btw, thanks!  Will implement my little counter tonight.  It might be cool for you guys to eventually just post code snippets for brain-dead things like displaying your project's skull count on your external project website (next to a button that lets people skull the project).  For something like this that would ping the API every time a website is visited, you could recommend how to implement a simple cache that is only refreshed if a few minutes has passed.  Just some ideas floating through my head.

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