Recycling Waste Computer Heat

A project with a AIM to recycle waste heat which is released from the computer every second and save energy!

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In this project I use the waste heat released by the computer’s processor and recycle it to generate electricity. The heat released by the processor is about 85 Degree C which can gets wasted every second.To do this I studied and implemented the Seebeck and the Peltier Effect in my project. According to the this, the temperature difference across the 2 sides of a Peltier Module can be converted into electricity. In my project, I am using the heat released from the processor of my laptop on one side of module, and on the other side is the cool ambient air. Because of the temperature difference electricity is generated which can be used to charge a mobile or run a USB computer fan.

My project can be to save electricity and the environment. I believe that my project can be further developed to increase the efficiency of heat conversion to electricity and save about 30-40% of the battery’s lifetime.

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MaríaValentinaVedder wrote 11/03/2020 at 16:54 point

Uhh this project looks amazing!! I would like to ask you some questions for a proyect of school!

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