Montreal has a lot of back alleys, as you can see HERE. People make small gardens in the back of their house.

This system takes data from different types of sensors (moisture, temperature, soil ph, sunlight, etc.), makes decisions to water the plants, and to add nutrients to the water.

Moreover, the system can also produce open environmental data for everyone to use in different ways (ex. mapping of environmental conditions). We can think about giving the user the ability to turn ON and OFF the public sharing of the data.

Plants are getting smarter! Yes, they can tell you what they ned and when they need it. During the week of the 4th May we will be prototyping sensors and control systems for urban gardening. On Friday the 8th we are going out to install these control systems in our experimental garden outside of our shared lab (SENSORICA, P3Permaculture and CS-Fait), near Metro Rosemont.