A sustainable-living house bus renovation/augmentation project.

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Inspired by the Tiny House movement which (among many other things) endorses sustainable living and freedom practices I set out to buy a dirty old 35' 1978 Crown Supercoach bus off Craigslist. The goal is to turn this hardy hunka-junk into a year-round, off-grid capable, mobile abode packed with oldschool and newschool sustainability solutions.
The name "Blunderbuss" comes from "bus" (obviously) and the big ol "blunder" of an adventure-project I now find myself invested in. Here we go!

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counter.culture wrote 05/08/2015 at 02:23 point

i'm jealous.  trying to own yourself and actually having a movable house is a great idea.  you could section off a piece for some NFT/Kratky hydroponics.  possibilities abound...

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