Quantity   Component name
1 × Bicycle After much trial and error, we settled on the Bike Friday Haul-A-Day because A. It fits any rider, B. It has a cargo area for all equipment, C. It breaks down easily for travel, and D. it has a built in solution for raising the back tire.
1 × 24V 200W Scooter Motor We're going to use a scooter motor for the generator.
1 × Friction Spindle This is the piece that attaches to the motor and makes contact with the wheel.
1 × Voltage Regulator The key to making this whole thing work.
2 × Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Batteries
1 × Dual Female Cigarette Lighter ports
1 × Projector - Optoma ML750
1 × Custom DC Power Cable
1 × Speaker or Speakers Two Braven 855s's are best, or a Soundcast Melody.