ESP8266 AVR ISP Programmer

I new I was going to have to make this a thing cause no one did it yet. Its an AVR ISP programmer implementation for the ESP8266 module

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An AVR ISP Programmer implementation for the ESP8266 wifi module. This will enable wireless in system programming for AVR Microcontrollers of the SPI interface. There will be a second version that supports powering targets, with the option of being 5V or 3.3v.

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Bradán Lane wrote 05/01/2021 at 11:20 point

if anyone is looking for an existing solution, I created the PortableISP Programmer using an ESP32 and then a whole new design called the PortaProg. Both are open source at:

*I know I should really write these up but the `` for each is pretty extensive.*

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