Social Innovation supporting Open Source Hardware

We have been given a mandate to test the feasibility of Open Source Networks to deliver living Hardware co created by communities Globally

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On June 11 2015, Montreal Lab. was invited to the White House to discuss collaborative crowdsourcing models and interfaces between open communities and traditional institutions.

We have since been awarded a project that is entirely Open Source and has to be designed and built by the community. We were awarded this project by Michigan Tech and Queens University, to prove that the burgeoning Peer2Peer movement can successfully be integrated in the traditional vertically hierarchical structures such as Academia and the Corporate World.

This a paying gig, and most important we can prove that the Open Source and Peer2Peer movement can radically change the economic structure, lower barriers of entry for the design and commercialization of Open Source Hardware.

Crowdsourcing the design of an Open Source Gimbal

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