Hiro 450mm Quadcopter Build

Build log of a 450mm quadcopter AKA drone frame.

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Updated for Drone Sports World at Maker Faire 2016.

The rugged 450mm size frames from Game of Drones are a fun foray into a medium size quadcopter. Made from military-grade polymer alloys, these frames are deemed nearly indestructible.

First time flying a quadcopter.

First quadcopter build.

Plan to keep this build simple for acrobatic flight (no gps etc.)

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Jens wrote 01/04/2016 at 18:16 point

How to calculate the lifting capacity, if motor / propeller is known... I ask, because im thinking about to build my own drone, but i got no idea about about the needed lifting capacity and how to chose the right propeller / motor combination

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Richard Hogben wrote 01/04/2016 at 18:31 point

Hey there are some tools to help with this, many people use (not free) also an app, something like

Also some motor vendors will display force of motor and propeller combinations. For example Tiger motors

Another thing is be familiar with other builds, there are some common combinations

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Gerardo wrote 12/23/2015 at 16:47 point

Did your Hiro Quadcopter drift during hovering? I just started on building one and so far it drifts to the side and back. I tried adjusting it with the trims on the transmitter but no results. Do you have any suggestions? I am using the KK2.15.

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Richard Hogben wrote 12/23/2015 at 16:53 point

Yeah a lot of quads will drift a little. I don't like using trims on the controller but the KK has ACC trim adjustments for auto level (use those), first try adjusting the position of the battery, usually its weight related you want a good center of gravity. Make sure its leveled too and props all look good when starting up. If you are testing indoors it will also be unstable just because of the air currents. 

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Gerardo wrote 12/23/2015 at 16:59 point

Ok cool, thanks a lot for the help. I tried moving the battery around before but I'll try again. Then I'll look into the ACC trim adjustments in the KK. Again thanks for the help and reply. I'll let you know if I end up fixing the issue. 

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To add to Richard's comments, sometimes drift can occur if your motors are askew on the horizontal plane. The flight controller adjusts based on the assumption everything is 'square'. If one motor is experiencing issues like drag, damage, or calibration probs, this can do it too.

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Brendan wrote 08/27/2015 at 06:21 point

Nice build!  The green of the RCMC components and the clear frame look great.  

Any outdoor flight yet?  I would love to see some videos. 

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Ivan Lazarevic wrote 08/27/2015 at 00:03 point

how high it can fly ?

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Richard Hogben wrote 08/27/2015 at 00:20 point
I'm afraid to know :\ I think the FAA says not allowed to go over 400 feet...

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Ivan Lazarevic wrote 08/27/2015 at 00:36 point

how much time it needs to get to 400 feet ?

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