Stage One of the project

- Register a project with Google and use the API to become the most reliable geometrical data point no money buys me (done)

- Find out the exact coordinates of the five tips of the alleged pentacle. This was not easy. My GPS unit with the original data had been lost in Australia, and to find those spots on the web is more difficult as I thought. It is -seemingly- a well researched topic, but even the books by Lincoln and others do not have the exact spots. Well, Google to the rescue (again) - although this will skew the result somewhat, I used Google Earth to pinpoint the coordinates. (1) (done)

- Get a program to ask the API for a few hundred points along the lines of the pentacle. Interrupt the program when Google's API limit of 2500 has been met. (done)

- Extract the elevations from the response and put them into a graph. (done)

You can view the result here:

(1) This didn't satisfy me. There had to be a better way. This gets me to Stage Two:

Stage Two:

- Finding the local maxima at the approximate geographical positions of the pentacle points

Tools needed:

- learning R

- getting a lot more data from Google

- visualize, interpret, explain, debunk.

Wanna join me? Drop me an email. :-)