ESP8266 Greenhouse monitor

A device that would measure air humidity, temperature, sun luminosity, air quality and soil moisture and transmit it over WiFI.

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This will be a mini project aimed at getting to know the ESP8266 NodeMCU platform and programming it in lua. I will use what I learn in my Grow In Box project.

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Jeff Taylor wrote 09/09/2016 at 15:39 point

I'm curious what you are using to measure air quality?  I'm going to be building a project that otherwise has the same specs, but I'm building from a bare ESP-12F.  Ideally it would work from battery/solar and transmit data to a web server every 5 minutes.  This is part of a bigger long-term project to provide data to a Pi Zero controlling my sprinkler system to minimize water usage.

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Domen wrote 09/09/2016 at 17:42 point


I will be using MQ-135 sensor. It it good for measuring CO2 if it stays in a clean environment. Datasheet:

They're really cheap on ebay/ali but the problem is that the coil inside needs to heat itself which takes 5 minutes I think and drains a lot of power, which probably wouldn't work for you :( I think all CO2 sensors have a start up time

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Jeff Taylor wrote 09/09/2016 at 19:55 point

Wow, thanks for the link!  You are correct that this sensor wouldn't add anything for my own needs, but this looks like it would be a great thing to have inside the house to monitor conditions.  I might have to grab one just to play with it.

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Jeff Taylor wrote 09/15/2016 at 19:07 point

I'm thinking I will be starting my own project page shortly.  Mine obviously has some differences from your project, but also similarities.  This week I've managed to get a 0.96" OLED display hooked up (useful for debugging, but probably too much power drain for the final project), a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor, and a soil moisture sensor.  I found a useful page for multiplexing the single ADC port, so tonight I'm going to try and also get a photoresistor added.  And I found a module for reading barometric pressure (BMP180) which could provide some interesting data.  The last step will be setting up a web page and having this module send data for recording in a database, then figuring out how to use the deep-sleep mode to get the most out of battery life.

So thanks for the inspiration!  It's a lot of fun playing with the various bits of hardware and software, and seeing everything come together.

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Domen wrote 09/15/2016 at 19:22 point

I'm glad I inspired you with such an empty page :D Good luck with your project! 

I'm using this cheap I2C ADC (4 channel) converter

You could also use this I guess, but the first definitely has libraries written.

I have also decided to use arduino for the programming, environment not nodeMCU's lua

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George I Fomitchev wrote 08/15/2016 at 06:58 point

and we can send this data to the server

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AVR wrote 05/20/2016 at 00:57 point

Neat project!!! Doing something similar with my SunLeaf + HydroPWNics project also using the ESP8266 for connectivity. 

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Kopiko wrote 05/19/2016 at 16:16 point

ohh. so how do you operate the water valve? can you elaborate to me? i'm sorry i am really having a hard time dealing with this. i hope you can help me. 

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Kopiko wrote 05/13/2016 at 11:19 point

hi can we discuss about this project? 

here my email:

i really need your help about the greenhouse project. 

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Domen wrote 05/16/2016 at 20:41 point

What kind of help? I haven't even done anything for this project yet, I only created this project page.

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Kopiko wrote 05/18/2016 at 16:21 point

do you have the coding for the receiver from esp8266 module? coding to operate the water pump when sensor detect the change in temperature or humidity. 

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Domen wrote 05/19/2016 at 14:32 point

No, no code was written.

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