Just a guy who like to design and build stuff for a living.

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Things I've Built

Simple Geiger Counter

a simple geiger counter capable of detecting up to 500,000 CPS.

Smarter power inverter

the idea is to use a micro-controller to detect the type of load(capacitive, resistive or inductive) and tune the output frequency accordingly in order to maximize the efficiency of power conversion and delivery(work in progress), 25 watt output

Rummy the robot

a simple avoidance robot using a pair of sonar eyes for navigation. direction and travel time are stored in SRAM for a crude rudimentary spacial awareness which eventually improves its ability to avoid(until it powers down, information is lost).

Atmel AM Xmitter

Variable Frequency AM transmitter for music or whatever, tunes precisely between 500KHZ and 1.5MHZ using arduino nano as the signal source and amplified output stage to 1.2 watts(maximum), Range depends on ground connection and antenna length.

Morse code encoder

through serial command, arduino nano converts characters and numbers into morse code and then broadcasts low power(50mW) at 1-MHZ AM and 90-MHZ FM (variable to find vacant band width). eventually i want to build a decoder counter part.

Networked Geiger Counter

Arduino based radiation detector which reports counts per second to a server and data logs to an ethernet/sd shield. counts up to 35,000 becquerel's, averages and updates every 10 seconds.

Betty Loo

High velocity coil gun(relative to coil guns), power source is 14.4 lithium ion battery charging a 1.2KV 186uF capacitor bank using a xenon flash tube as a switch. chronograph velocity of 2.5 gram, 2mm dia projectile is 135 M/s.

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Vishnu Mohanan wrote 03/25/2018 at 14:19 point

Thanks for liking my project #EXPLOG : Exploration Logger :)

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