• So It begins...

    jupdyke07/13/2015 at 23:39 0 comments

    Well I was working on one of my other projects and needed to heat cure some resin. I only needed to get it up to 150 degrees F, so I pulled out the toaster oven from college. I used to cook frozen pizza in this thing almost every day. But once I got a big boy job I could afford to have it delivered. It had not been used in about 5 years and I was reluctant to throw it out because I knew they could be converted to a re-flow oven fairly easily.

    It is a nice little oven. It has 4 heating elements evenly spaced, two on top and two on bottom. It also has a fan which is convenient. I am really hoping that this will be a cheap and fast project. I should have almost all the parts I need and there are quite a few well documented guides out there to follow. But I have thought that before. lol.