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    I haven't been doing much of my projects lately due to health issues. I am keen to get back to my projects but there is going to be some time still before I can do so.

    I still have all the enthusiasm but unfortunately I don't currently have the capacity to continue these projects.

    I am hoping that a couple of week to a couple of months and I might be back. Unfortunately it is still "might".

    Who knows, perhaps I will be back in a week or two? but more likely a month or so if these health issues can possibly be resolved.

    If I can get back then it will be "full steam ahead" well at least some progress lol.

    I haven't given up. I have even ordered some new boards (well new to me) like a Mode MCU LUA ESP8266 cos I like LUA but unfortunately I can't currently support the cognitive functionality to do anything with things like this.

    Back soon!!!



    Well it's three and a half month later and I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is I finally know what was going on with my health.

    I now know I have (yet to be diagnosed) Chronic Inflationary Response Syndrome that comes from toxic molds that exist in Water Damaged Buildings (CIRS-WDB). My previous diagnosis of COPD (emphysema) was a miss-diagnosis and this aspect is very good news indeed.

    The bad news - I have the concentration span of a goldfish, the cognitive ability of a young child and the respiratory function of someone in their 80's to 90's and require constant medication just to breath. I can't go back to my home because of the toxic molds so I am now homeless and without my possessions. The property owner refuses to accept the issue even after scientific lab tests (ERMI / HERTSMI-2) and is seeking to dispose of all my household possessions.

    So I thought I would make an update as these things are a huge challenge for me and I may not overcome them. If there are no further updates then is safe to assume I failed to overcome these obstacles. I have several disabilities that I don't mention because I am not seeking sympathy (empathy) or help but with my disabilities the probability of getting through all of this is poor.

    On a lighter note and an optimistic note at that, perhaps I can get closer to normal in several months if I can establish a new home. Fingers crossed, hope to back onboard when and if I can. I will try and squeeze in an update if there are slight improvements to the situation. It wont be "full steam ahead" when I get back as this is a chronic condition and recovery will be slow and incomplete.

    Update 2nd March 2018

    I have a diagnosis of CIRS-WDB now and a better understanding of the condition. There are also other conditions that have been caused by autocrine/endocrine disregulation.

    Unfortunately I have suffered extensive neurological damage much of which will be permanent. I will regain some of the loss with treatment but the treatment normally takes between 5 and 15 years and the upper limit of that is beyond my current life expectancy. At this point in time I have to relearn fundamental cognitive skills like how to concentrate which should give an idea of how much damage has been done.

    On a lighter note other aspects of my illness have improved. My respiratory system has gone from FEV1 51% to FEV1 75% which is a dramatic improvement.

    I am in good spirits and visit HAD from time to time even though I cannot contribute on HAD.IO My skillset is now closer to gardening than electronics engineering.

    I hope one day that I can come back and contribute but the probability that I can achieve that is exceptionally low.

    I probably wont make another update for a very long time, if at all.

    So as a potential summary - I am in good spirits, I am finding some enjoyment in life and I am optimistic - perhaps overly so.

    Keep up the good hacks.