• Still here

    06/05/2017 at 09:53 1 comment


    I haven't been doing much of my projects lately due to health issues. I am keen to get back to my projects but there is going to be some time still before I can do so.

    I still have all the enthusiasm but unfortunately I don't currently have the capacity to continue these projects.

    I am hoping that a couple of week to a couple of months and I might be back. Unfortunately it is still "might".

    Who knows, perhaps I will be back in a week or two? but more likely a month or so if these health issues can possibly be resolved.

    If I can get back then it will be "full steam ahead" well at least some progress lol.

    I haven't given up. I have even ordered some new boards (well new to me) like a Mode MCU LUA ESP8266 cos I like LUA but unfortunately I can't currently support the cognitive functionality to do anything with things like this.

    Back soon!!!