Nikon 433 MHz remote

When I got myself a new digital camera I wanted like in the old days to have a remote trigger. I looked at my arduino and desided to try it

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With an attiny85, a 433 MHz reciever, an ir-led and an old 433MHz remote I want to make a nikon remote.

The idea with tis project is to make a remote to my camera. Nikon D3200. In my first test I used a ir-led remote but I think it disturbed the cameras ir-sensor. So I got the idea to use an old 433MHz remote instead.

It works fine but now I want to make a smaller version with an Attiny85.

Since I use two libs, one for the Nikon remote code and one for the 433MHz reciver I'm not sure I just can't adjust the ports for it to work in the Attiny.

I use a home made programmer shield for an arduino uno and a Chinese avrusb. They work nicely.

  • 1 × Attiny85-20pu The 8 pin 5 port chip
  • 1 × XY-MK-5V 433MHz reciever to recieve the trigger signal from the 433MHz remote.
  • 1 × IR-led To transmitt the trigger signal to the camera.
  • 1 × Resistor
  • 1 × 3v battery

  • Arrival of new attinys

    Joakim Melander07/14/2015 at 21:25 0 comments

    Today I got my package from China. 10 new attiny85 and some sockets for welding.

  • Alfa testing

    Joakim Melander07/14/2015 at 00:21 0 comments

    I made a prototype with an arduino uno. It works like a charm. I made some extra code so when I press the 2 button it triggers two photos.

    I had some truble when I was testing the new avrusb programmer. I did not work. I made a simple test setup with the Fade example that you can find in the Arduino IDE.

    At last I found what was wrong. I use a power regulator on my breadboard to give the Attiny 3.3v. The breadboard is wrong or the power regulator is wrong because the negativ sid connects to the positive side of the breadboard and the positive sid connects to the negative side.

    In the image I swiched + to - and vice versa, and it worked.

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